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September 11th & 12th, 9am-4pm

Location: TBD 


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    Isolated Stretching w/ Anatomical Core LIVE Class (12 CEUs)

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  • Course Description

    In this class, we will use various stretching techniques, massage tools, and specialized equipment to teach you the skills needed to offer your clients Isolated Stretch Therapy with specific knowledge on muscle groups and body mechanics.

  • What are the Benefits for Students?

    *You will learn to become comfortable with a variety of tools and practices to include: *PNF techniques * Use stretching equipment such as Therabands, green strap loops, massage balls and Foam rollers *Review the basic large muscle anatomy groups *Describe the physiology of muscle contractions with muscles spindles *List 3 types of Stretching Techniques *Demonstrate Active Assisted stretching *Develop specific treatment plans

  • What are the Benefits for Clients/Patients/Athletes?

    *Increase flexibility & pliability of the Muscle *Increase blood flow to the muscles and joints. *Great for muscle recovery after activity *Decrease & Reduce Pain in muscles *Stretching can ease the chronic tension on joints cause malalignment and eventually severe pain in common areas such as -Neck -Shoulders -Hamstrings -Back -And much more... *Stretching can ease chronic injuries or imbalances such as: -Hip tightness -Hamstrings strains -Lack of balance in ankles -Low back pain -Achilles tendonitis -Golfer‘s elbow -Tennis elbow -And much more.

  • What are the Prerequisites?

    Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Athletic Trainer, and/or Healthcare Professional.

  • Is this a Online or In-Person Class?

    2 Class Options: LIVE Hands-On Class *2- Day 12 Hour LIVE course (includes ALL 3 Types of PNF Techniques) *Self-Pace 4 hour Online Course (NO PNF)

  • What to bring?

    Bring your sheets, face cradle cover, and wear comfortable clothing. If any changes are made you will receive an email, so please check your email regularly a week prior to the class.

  • Do I receive a Certificate?

    YES! You will receive a Certificate of Completion for Sports Massage with/Facial Rejuvenation. This course is an Approved Course with the NCBTMB. Athletic Trainers receive CEU credits on the ATC203 Reporting form underneath the Category D: Non-Approved Provider programs for the BOC.